CEVICHE BAR - Walk With David


The Argentine Martin Gimenez Castro known from the first edition of Top Chef and from his cultivated cuisine from Salto, asked us to create a compelling design concept for his new restaurant Ceviche Bar. The brief was simple, he wanted to transmit his latino roots in a sophisticated way that encompassed the idea of a mixture of latino cultures interacting just like the way he prepares his ceviche dishes.

Just like ingredients being added in preparing dishes to create new flavours, Ceviche’s graphic elements where derived and added from the logo and applied to various materials creating new elements.

Ceviche Bar was a collaborative effort with innovative Interior Design studio De Novo.

When creating supporting graphics we like to create a reaction with the viewer, because we believe design should be experienced.

Be careful where you sit! You might just get bitten.

The Ceviche menus were hung on the wall for easy functional use for the waiters and also for aesthetic reasons.