Ecoproyecta - Walk With David


Ecoproyecta is a collaborative of spanish professionals related to sustainable constructions and the environment and dedicated to the drafting of architecture and engineering projects. There design activity and search for solutions is focused towards sustainability applied to construction, production processes and intervention in the environment, both urban and rural.

We were tasked with creating a multi platform direct mailer that could in brief explain Ecoproyecta’s sustainable new perspective and greater environmental sensitivity towards solutions for the world of construction.

We created a versatile functional box which illustrates Ecoproyecta’s philosophy. Only sustainable materials where used for it’s production, ranging from 100% recycled paper to adhesives without residue. The box itself contains a foldout description of Ecprojecta’s history and goals and also comes with a small plant pot and various plant seeds that can be used for cooking. And finally for the boxes final use we provided perforated circles on the lid to be used as a pencil holder.

“Ecoproyecta” was created in collaboration with studio F33.