The Invisibles - Walk With David


In Poland 116 people froze to death this year. Mainly the homeless. Mainly because no one cared to help them. If they do not care about themselves, why should I? It is not my business. INVISIBLE. This is what the homeless are to us.

Having looked all around Poland, we found three Homeless writers and publish a book with their poems, reportages, dramas. To make the book visible for the media we printed it with a special ink, which is INVISIBLE INDOORS. Low temperature activates ink, hence the content of the book is visible only in the cold. Imagine reading about sleeping in the cold, actually feeling the cold. The more interesting the text, the longer it takes to read. The colder you are the better you feel what the text is about.

When crafting The Invisibles Book we used materials commonly associated with homeless peoples environment. The covers are made from selected pieces of used cardboard, making each book unique and the title of each book is printed on packing tape and stuck randomly to each cover.

Inside the book, high quality paper and thermo ink are activated by low temperature, so to read the texts you have to stand outside and experience the cold like the homeless people.


Outside it’s ugly and not welcoming, but with a bit of effort and heart you will see that inside is truly beautiful just like the Homeless people we come across during our daily lives.