We were asked by the Walk Agency to create a promotional piece that could be used in Warsaw and be functional. Our idea for the raincoat stems from our own experiences when travelling overseas. It’s that moment when your are enjoying the sights and exploring a new city when suddenly it starts to rain, and you have no umbrella or raincoat at hand.

We thought why not create a raincoat, in this case one directed at people visiting the center of Warsaw that not only keeps you dry but also provides you with directions of places in the heart of Warsaw that are not so known, places where you can get out of the rain and enjoy a good coffee or visit a park with historical interest.

The Walk in the Rain raincoat has a calculated route in form of a map which can only be viewed when you lift the coat towards you while you are wearing it. Instead of getting your phone wet, or getting out a paper map we provide you with a mobile travel map that keeps you walking and enjoying new sights not found in other tourist books.

“Walk in the Rain” was created in collaboration with Andrés Guerrero and studio F33.