EN HOTEL - Walk With David


En Hotel is a boutique hotel located In the middle of the Tatra National Park in Poland.

EN Hotel is a place provides Highland hospitality to all those who escape into the Tatra wilderness from the hustle and bustle of cities, craving closeness to nature and other people. It is an intimate resort with only 15 rooms, each of which overlooks the peaks of mountains or the boughs of trees. Here you become part of the mountain ecosystem. You envelop yourself in soft bedding, the raw stone of the decor resembles that of the hillside, and when you take a shower, you feel like you’re standing under a waterfall. You regenerate in the lap of wild nature while remaining a stone’s throw from the centre of Zakopane. Authenticity and sincerity—of words, services, and materials can be found in every room and common space.

Attention to detail, selection of materials and design inspiration was all meticulously thought out to match the character and atmosphere of the hotel and it’s surroundings.

This project was a collaborative effort with Blank Studio. (www.studioblank.pl)