The Stara Papiernia Restaurant (The Old Paper Mill Restaurant) is found within the EN Hotel located in the middle of the Tatra National Park in Poland.

It is a neo-fine dining restaurant that is cosy, unadorned, and close to nature. All dishes first and foremost contain the highest-quality products from places up to 100 kilometres from it’s habitat. Stara Papiernia Restaurant is authentic and consistent with its surroundings. It’s mountain cuisine, inspired by the region and incorporating influences from all the surrounding cultures, from Austria-Hungary to Wallachia to the Carpathian Mountains. They combine in one pot everything that has been interwoven over the years in Kuźnice, inviting their guests on a culinary journey that will remain in their memories long afterward.

Their secret is simplicity — they do everything to expose the excellence of the product in all its glory; there is nothing superfluous in their dishes. Just as the EN Hotel is the finest wood and stone, and only enhances their beauty, in the restaurant they use the finest ingredients sourced from the Tatra Mountains, and all they do is carefully processand refine it over the years with their techniques. The dishes at Stara Papeirnia restaurant bring together the region’s natural treasures and contemporary skills to create traditional Podhale cuisine with a modern twist.

The Stara Papiernia Restaurant graphics is all based on the Tatra Mountain Range. All materials have a unique contour applied to breath the essence of the mountain range.