June 1st was the date of highly anticipated opening of Raffles Europejski Warsaw. Dating back to 1857, the neo-renaissance palace has been over the last four years restored to its pre-war glory.

Walk with David was commissioned to create the identity for 4 venues found within Food and Beverage section of Raffles Europejski Hotel Warsaw. They included Lourse Patisserie Warsaw, The Longbar, The Humidor and The Europejski Grill.

When designing the overall feeling and look for the Europejski Grill we wanted to create a symbol that visually captured the essence of what a grill is but in a sophisticated way. We were inspired by the interior design colors and gold details found within the restaurant. All materials ranging from handmade menus, signage, aprons, and gold edge business cards were made to create a consistent branding that is not overwhelming and blends seamlessly with the d├ęcor and overall interior design.