LOURSE - Walk With David


June 1st was the date of highly anticipated opening of Raffles Europejski Warsaw. Dating back to 1857, the neo-renaissance palace has been over the last four years restored to its pre-war glory.

We were commissioned to create the identity for 4 venues found within the Food and Beverage section of Raffles Europejski Hotel Warsaw. They included The Longbar, The Humidor, The Europejski Grill and Lourse Patisserie Warsaw.

Our brief was simple: to create an iconic branding that transmitted the feeling of tradition, luxury with a hint of homage toward the original Lourse patisserie, which existed almost a century ago.

We designed a wide range of beautiful packaging and also created a personalized iconic color for Lourse. All the packaging was treated like jewellery boxes that incase beautiful assortments of cakes, sweets, macaroons etc.