Hala Koszyki - Walk With David


Hala Koszyki was built in the years 1906-1908 as traditional trade bazaar until it was closed down. In 2016 Hala Koszyki was restored to an exceptional social and culinary point where you can dine on site in several restaurants and bars and buy high quality produce.

We were asked to create the logo for Hala Koszyki, our idea was simple, we wanted to capture the essence of the place and its history. We found an old photo dating back to the 1960’s that showed its old signage. From this we deciding to recreate the logo into a working typography that could be used for all promotional materials and also bring back part of Hala Koszyki’s heritage for the people of today. Today Hala Koszyki has joined the group of the world's largest metropolises such as New York, London, Oslo, Rotterdam and Florence, where the market fairs and restaurants are under one roof teeming with life and bring together flavours from around the world.

- The typeface was a collaborative effort with Mateusz Machalski, Type-Programmer.