LEŚNICZÓWKA - Walk With David


Welcome to Leśniczówka (Forester's Lodge), a modern bistro where history is the background of this culinary story.

When the idea of ​​ecology was just smoldering in their heads, the vigilant inhabitants of Zakopane began to oppose the brutal logging of the Tatra forests - this is how the first forester's lodges were created. The history of one of these unusual cottages dates back to the 19th century, located in the heart of Kuźnice, and today it houses our Leśniczówka Resto Bar. Leśniczówka has been restored to it’s original appearance, taking care of every detail. A beautiful view and a surprising space of green terraces create unity with the surrounding nature. It is a rallying point for people who love the mountains, delicious, fresh food and unobtrusive hospitality.