TUNA - Walk With David


Tuna is a contemporary food restaurant where Martin Gimenez Castro, the chef behind Ceviche Bar and Salto, explores the unlimited potential of oceans and fresh water habitats.

When creating the Tuna logo we where inspired by fish skeletons and also by the tail of the tuna fish. The interior of the restaurant is completly covered with tuna can lids to imitate the scales of fish. We used 25,000 tuna can lids! Tuna Interior was designed by the architects: Medusa Group (www.medusagroup.pl)

Martin is an Argentinean chef who has been living in Warsaw for the last 15 years. He's widely known as one of the best and most passionate chef's in Poland.

At Tuna, Martin's main goal is to explore and show the unlimited potential of oceans, rivers and lakes through freestyle cooking.